Fascinated by the way the world appears at night, I am drawn by a compulsion to work in the times when everything is at its quietest. While the hustle and bustle recedes and recharges, I embrace the darkness to capture these peaceful environments in my photographs. Complimented by stars and fog, and often with the aid of the moon for lighting, I seek out locations that sit silently under the cover of darkness and flaunt the beauty of the night.

Having specialised in nocturnal image creation for over a decade now, I am lucky enough to travel far and wide to capture locations under the majesty of the night sky. Travelling has always been at the forefront of what I do, with the sense of motion and adventure being regular contributing factors to the discovery of locations and the image creation thereof. My affection for photographing at night is as much an obsession as a passion, and whether it’s the other side of the world or just a few miles from home, the feeling of peace and escapism from the hectic nature of daily living is what keeps me hooked. 

I work with a variety of other styles in photography as well as just the night, but my real on going passion is the nocturnal. There are always different projects being worked on, so follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, keep checking the blog, and watch this space…


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