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Bridge and Industry

Many industries adorn the edges of small towns across the States. Often large in structure, they provide a local community with work, and one gets the impression that the very small towns rely heavily on the success of these places. One of my favorites was the huge structure above, which was situated along the side […]

Somewhere Anywhere

This post is a collection of images that were shot when we stopped for fuel, food or lodging. I am interested in these places as much as any other; snapshots of moments, possibly bland places, essential to someone for their  journey. At times there was a certain peace in these places, probably due to having […]

Workhorses Of Old

Not much to really say on this one, just a collection of old vehicles located from east to west. Some are seemingly still in use, others are very much not.    

Small Town Featuring

I could not tell you how many small towns we passed through on this trip, but I can say that I wish I could have stopped in every single one for a duration of days to get a feel for each place. Passing through is great and all, but there is a lot to be […]

The Most Curious of Graveyards

Where to start with this one!? Arriving in Nevada, I was eager to pay this place a visit by night. I did so to amazing effect with the help of the Milky Way, which I will document in a much later post. I was so impressed and intrigued by the site, that the following day […]

Flat Out of Town

For the love of small towns, there is equal amount to be said for the escape thereof, and the disappearance into the wide open. In so doing I look back in the mirror and wonder how many people have driven on this road, how many folks from the town come out here to escape, and […]

Driving Into the Storm

Across the flat plains of South Dakota, we started to see storms forming in the distance; lightening that looked dramatic across the horizon, and shards of rain touching the land away from the road. I stopped to try and photograph the lightening, but to no avail. True to my form, I lost track of time […]

Big Rigs On and Off Duty

The American truck is an iconic part of the road trip which is cemented in many a movie and other forms of popular culture. When you do a trip covering so many miles, it starts to make a lot of sense as to why the drivers have such pride in these machines, after all for […]

Introduction to the USA Series to Follow

By means of an opening act, allow me firstly to explain my recent lack of interaction and blog updates, which has sparked questioning regarding the imagery which is now set to follow in due course. The expectancy was that there would be an instant uploading of imagery following my return from the USA. However I […]

Traditional Human Form (contains mild nudity)

Following on from the previous post which saw me capture the models physique in quite an abstract fashion, this small set of images show the more traditional images that I also took during the same shoot, at the models request. Once again this model was a delight to work with.      

Abstract Human Form (contains mild nudity)

Having worked with this model before to great effect, I was delighted to have the opportunity to shoot with her once again. This time it was decided that instead of the traditional type of poses within human form photography, that we would take a more abstract approach, which was further aided by her flexible nature. […]

Lisbon on Film

The second installment of the recent trip to Lisbon, comes in the form of 35mm black and white film imagery. Choosing film over digital for most of my daytime based photography meant it was a natural decision to work this way in Lisbon as well. The additional challenge came in the shape of me attempting […]


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