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As part of my teaching I was required to accompany a group of Photography students (amongst others) on an educational trip to Lisbon. Leading by example means it would have been rude of me not to have taken my camera… right? Unlike my normal way of working, this time the students were making the decisions […]

The Frozen Lake

On a cold January night I decided to go and visit a lake that had frozen over. The full moon was out, so at any rate I would have been out shooting. I had visited the lake earlier in the day, so was already aware that it was frozen, but the full moon gave the […]

A Couple of Film Shots from Christmas in Spain

I popped over to Spain for Christmas/new years just gone. Despite being under ‘orders’ to switch of and relax, I snuck my 35mm film camera out with me and took a couple of shots during the break. The photographer’s eye never really switches off. These images are as they were shot, with any scratches and […]

Moon and Trees

One of the draws of the night for me is the way that the full moon manifests itself through the trees, broken and shattered by the intricacy of the branch and twig details. The very same block to the moonlight is also that which is also beautifully showcased by the backligting from the moon. The […]

Opportunity Mist

Night photography is often associated with clear skies and full moons, and as such I often plan for such visuals in order to gain the images I want. So when thick fog set in around the time i wanted to shoot, i was less than happy. As the fog got thicker throughout the week, I […]

Spain From Above

Only one image for this post (and is a low res version at that), because everything I wanted to capture from that night is evident here. After driving up some winding roads that I dared not to look over the side of, I reached the peak of the mountain, where it was wonderfully quiet and […]

USA In Colour Pt7: Chicago By Night – The Final Chapter

Having dropped the car off in Vegas, I flew to Chicago where I chose to shoot solely at night with my digital camera (the daytime images taken on film can be seen in an earlier blog post). There are many more pictures taken during this trip, which will be added to the main website in […]

USA In Colour Pt6: A Slice of ’66 And Beyond

The final leg of the road trip involved me heading north on and old part of fairly unaltered Route 66. There were small tourist-centered pieces at the side of the road, but this contrasts beautifully with the ‘real’ America on the opposing side of the road. This was the blue collar working man side of […]

USA In Colour Pt5: Slab City and Salvation Mountain

Slab City, as mentioned in a previous black and white film upload, is a great little community in the California Desert. Alongside this eclectic location, is a place equally ‘out there’ called Salvation Mountain. This is the creation of a guy over several decades, whereby he built this incredible mountain in response to God. Religion […]

USA in Colour Pt4: Small Town Nights

Leaving Niland in the darkness, I headed south to Brawley, a lovely example of a small desert town. By the time I arrived there was barely anyone about, so it was the perfect opportunity to get some low light images of the town. Note also that the image with the illuminated cross in was in […]

USA in Colour Pt3: Niland & The Salton Sea

The California desert is full of colour, vibrancy and seemingly no end of interesting things to photograph. Niland is neighbours to The Salton Sea, a huge 30 odd mile lake which was once a thriving tourist hotspot tipped to be California’s version of the French Riviera. However epic floods and decaying fish (I’m abbreviating a […]

USA in Colour Pt2: Amboy, 29 Palms and Joshua Tree

As I reached the ghost town (if you could call it a town) of Amboy, the sun was setting on the famous ‘Roys’ Diner. Sat aside two huge ‘Route 66’ signs painted on the road, this once popular diner displays elements of the towns history inside, as do many ‘attractions’ along Route 66. I was […]


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