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Merry Christmas

Anyone who knows me well, will know that I am not a huge fan of Christmas. That said, I am told it is a time for sharing, so share I shall, in the form of the following image. Happy Christmas to you all.  

Figuratively Crossing

During my time in Spain recently, I walked past a shop window full of these religious figurines. I guess they were there for the upcoming festive celebrations. The way they gazed out at those gazing in, evoked a kind of human interaction between the outside world reflected in the window, and theirs. As I positioned […]

Spain On Film: In Colour

In addition to the last post I added, I also shot the town in Spain in colour, again on 35mm film. The saturation was fantastic, aided partly by the cheap film, as well as the light from the winter sun. I was particularly interested in ‘looking up’ to see above eye level. So many of […]

Spain on Film

A recent visit to Spain was complimented by the use of my new (to me) 28mm lens. It was as much to try out the new lens (which is stunning- certainly well worth the cost) as it was a trip to explore the town and area itself. In keeping with most of my work of […]

stillness of the fog

On Saturday night, I looked out the window and was amazed by the level of calm and fog in the street. I opened the window as I wanted to remain high up in order to get a view over the surrounding houses, and begun shooting. It was late, and all that could be heard was […]

The Zoes (contains nudity)

Following on from the success of my previous art nude shoot, Zoe M showed the images to her friend Zoe T, and it was then decided that they wanted to do a shoot together. I had never shot two nudes together so this was a new challenge for me. At no point was this to […]

A Few Black & White Shots

I’m getting addicted to the use of black and white film at the moment, so much so that it is rapidly becoming my medium of choice for most my non-commissioned work. In this set, there are images mainly taken around the end of summer. These include a bride on the beach, a WW2 plane flying […]

A Few Abstracts

These black and white abstract images came from my recent trip to Spain. as always I was inspired by the intensity of light against shadow. The images are not intended to be amazing images, but rather just to show the play off between the sun’s light and the shadow it creates.

Spain 2014

I landed at 11.40 on a Friday evening, and then after a two hour drive to the villa, slept for a few hours before my alarm went off again, and I was up and into the nearby town to photograph the rising sun. Still heavily tired, I was hoping it would be worth the early […]

Art Nude (contains nudity-obviously, be aware)

I had been wanting and meaning to work with this model, Zoe M for a long time, and when the opportunity finally arose, it quickly became clear that it had been worth the wait. Not only is she great at taking direction, but also flexible enough to create some fantastic shapes with her body, for […]

Moon on zoom

Not much to say on this one. With a little help from a zoom lens and playing around with some Photoshop filter trickery.

Who needs 5 star hotels?…

Throughout the summer, I drove around parts of the country in my truck taking pictures, just like the previous year. This year however, I was using a different vehicle. This one has 4×4 which was great for some of the more awkward and muddy spots. During this time, people often asked me “where did you […]


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