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Localized Lightening

I was awoken at 2.30 by rumbling thunder and lightening coming out the sky in droves. Without a second thought, I knew what I needed to do, and grabbed my camera gear, and truck keys, and drove into the pouring rain to try and capture this incredible storm. I had a selection of ideas for […]

A Night On The Hill

This cold night, I ventured out onto the hill at about 2AM. By the time I was walking back, the sun was just starting to rise slightly. The sky at night is often overlooked as just being dark, with little feature. Wrong.      

Cattle By Night

During a recent random night outing with my camera, I found myself walking in the cold night air, looking over the nearby valley floor. I had lost concentration on my surroundings for a while, and when I turned back around, there was a herd of cows grazing near me. Their curiosity grew as I stated […]

P.O.W (Prisoner of War) Camp, By Night.

It was a clear night, so I decided to go and have a mooch around this old POW camp. I should start by saying what you see here is probably not even 10% of the entire site, it is massive! The reason there is so little variety in imagery, is that I was using the […]

Hidden Living

It is hard to believe that in the ‘modern’ age, someone could still live this way, there whole life strewn out on the tables and surfaces this way, making repairs to a collapsing house themselves. This is one of the few derelict places that seemed hung heavy with sadness. I genuinely felt sorry for whoever […]

Cottage In The Woods

As with all good explores, you have to put the effort in, to get the results out. This was no exception. A 40 min walk through the woods, tripping over everything at 5am, after just 2 hours sleep was hard enough. Getting inside this place meant creeping around the back of another house, through noisy […]

Morgue: The Second

Believe it or not, I photographed two morgues, both derelict, in the same night! It was by far the oddest thing I have ever done, but was interesting none the less. These images are not to showcase my work so much, but rather to give an idea of how dark, and now filthy where once […]


Although some images from this location feature on my website’s main gallery, I though I would include a few more from the series. Where to start on this one? Well, it is a derelict morgue, which still housed some kind of ‘samples’, ‘brain pieces’ in amber, and a couple of dead animals. You would think […]

Horse Play

There isn’t a whole lot to say about these images, they are a mix of old and new, something different that I have never been to interested in, (although respect within photography), wildlife.

Manor School

Quite a special one in terms of architecture this one. Plenty to see, especially around the staircase and surrounding area. It seems to be a reoccurring theme that any derelict school I visit, has ‘horror stories’ attached to it. I am mindful not to think of these things when photographing in places such as these, […]

Stitcher’s cottage

Another derelict old house that has all the elements of neglect, and no elements of care. The odd thing with this one is that the electricity was still on!, which made me a little uneasy when i arrived very early in the morning (in the dark). There was still a buzz from the light switch […]

Down In The Night

Yet another assortment of images which were taken at different places on different nights. Each image when I look at it, takes me back to the cold night air, and the heightened awareness of senses, experienced when shooting in the dark. I have heard it said, that it is either a ‘lonely’ or ‘scarey’ thing […]


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