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The House Of Sorrow

Certainly one of the more ‘knowingly’ tragic of places I have photographed. In a sense any derelict house with personal belongings left inside is sad, but this one, to any who may recognize it, is amongst the bleakest. I am not going to go into details of the story, nor am I going to post […]

The Pier

I am always amazed when a town that is considered to be wealthy, has a poor way of maintaining key features which are deteriorating. In a sense perhaps this is part of the charm. Add to this the odd things that appear on seaside ‘landscapes’, and you have a perfect excuse to try out new […]

The Tower In The Trees

A long trek on a brisk morning brought me to this tower, that was elusive in its nature, but worth the hike. From the outside, it appears as nothing more than an old water tower, which is what it is. However, inside, there was some interesting graffiti (something I normally hate), and some interesting old […]

Derelict School

This is one of those places that ‘needed’ to be seen before conversion to housing took place. It is on the same plot of land as the chapel that appears in the previous post. There is a lot of history doing the rounds online about this location, and ‘horror stories’ of old, which I tried […]

Church On Sunday

Evey now and then, I get to photograph a real treat, something a bit different and a bit special. This is an example of such a place. It is an old derelict chapel, attached to a Derelict school, which which feature in a later post. It was early on a Sunday morning (appropriately it would […]

Figs Shoot

Every now and then I get some nice photographic work that is a little different from the normal things I shoot. This is a great example of such jobs. I was asked to photograph some figs as part of a food campaign, and was jetted off to sunny Spain, to get the shots. The lighting […]

Ol’ Truck And Caravan.

Had my eye on these oldies for a while (not in the same location), and when the full moon rolled around, and I was in the area, I finally went up with the cameras and shot them. There isn’t much to tell about these pictures really, no adventure, just an average, and cold night out […]

freeloader or pervert?

During a recent modelling shoot, I put my camera down to collect some stuff, and upon my return, found this little chap had climbed on board my camera for a closer view of the model. In the picture he appears to be grinning, I wonder why?!

A Couple of Dorset Randoms

As the title suggests, this is literally just a couple of shots that I did whilst at the coast over the summer, that didn’t really fit in any other blog entry, but I wanted to include. The above image is A dusk shot over the bay, the others were just playing around with the lenses, […]

The English Desert

This place has been on the to-do list for some time now, so I decided it was time to go and pay a visit for a couple of days. The airbed was inflated in the back of the truck, cereal bars and bottles were crammed in the back with a spare t-shirt or two, and […]

meteor shower, and sweet Mary Jane

Word started going round that there was a meteor shower approaching, and so for a month before hand I was planning on where would be best to witness this marvel. The last time there was a meteor shower, it was cloudy and the area I picked had so much light pollution, that I was up […]

model in the grass

So after a long time of not shooting models (with the exception of the occasional portrait) the opportunity came up to shoot a new model. The theme was simple, summery, bright sun, natural, and minimal. Nothing needed to be over the top, so we found the most secluded (to escape the public’s eyes) field we […]


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