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Lightning Strikes

So often in photography it is about being in the right place at the right time. This is a perfect example of such an event. The other factor of this shoot was that for years I have wanted to photograph lightning, but alas, have never been in the right place with my camera. Add to […]

Frog Manor

This derelict location gained the title of ‘Frog Manor’ after the number of frogs spotted in makeshift wells during entry to the building. The house itself used to belong to a woman who campaigned for the rights of travelers. There are great examples of awful wallpaper, and odd fittings that give a sort of ‘hostel’ […]

‘House Of Shelves’

Occasionally with Urban Exploration (Urbex- essentially exploring derelict places) will know that every now and then a gem gets left behind, where seemingly no-one lays claim to the blood line, and the building and indeed its contents just remain how they were left at the time of the previous occupant’s passing. This is one such […]

A Few Random Old Night Shots

Whilst I am using this blog to showcase work as I do it, I am also going through my old work and uploading snippets from these shoots to. The following are shots that have no resemblance in terms of location, or date taken. Rather it is the start of the ‘mopping up’ of my back […]

‘Onion Cottage’

This was one of the more ‘special’ derelict explores i have done in recent times. there are some places that just get left behind when the occupant dies. I guess sometimes there is no one to carry on the family name, or perhaps no one wants the possessions that were left behind. In this case […]

A Few Ol’ Night Shots

This is just a selection of images taken a couple of years back at night. All of these shots were shot on a whim, not one was ‘planned’, I just picked up the camera, and drove into the night, as is so often the case with the imagery I take. I am interested in how […]

A Cold Night At The Shore

As the title suggests, this was a very cold night in the middle of winter, down at the coast. I had just bought my new camera, and wanted to try it out. The moon and clouds gave the perfect mix of diffused available light for some long exposure shots.    The shot of the buildings […]

Canal and Crane 2013

i first shot this location about 3 years ago, on my old Nikon, and so when i got the new camera, i decided it was great place to re-visit. it was a perfect deep blue night sky, and i found myself gravitating towards it, quite by accident on the night in question. i was actually […]

The Lighthouse, Blues, and Car Park Creeps

It’s been on my to-do list for some time now, photographing this lighthouse by night. I loaded up the truck (which doubled up as my home for the trip’s duration) with a few clothes, and all the camera equipment I could possibly need, and headed to the coast, with this sole goal in mind. As […]


America was always the big dream for me photographically. Without sounding like a cliche of non-conformism, I was never keen on seeing the big places like New York or Holly wood. In fact when I stumbled upon  bit or Route 66, I was reluctant to travel on it, so as to avoid saying I had […]

starting off

Revamping the website made me start to question how I was determining which images to showcase on my site. It became a question of aesthetic merit, could I really justify how one image was better than another, and if so how? As with most creatives I know, they go through phases, where the images they […]


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