‘House Of Shelves’

‘House Of Shelves’

Occasionally with Urban Exploration (Urbex- essentially exploring derelict places) will know that every now and then a gem gets left behind, where seemingly no-one lays claim to the blood line, and the building and indeed its contents just remain how they were left at the time of the previous occupant’s passing. This is one such example.

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I had driven past this site countless times, and never really noticed what was going on there. From the road during certain seasons, the only thing visible was the digger and caravan in what turned out to be a huge piece of land inhabited by out houses, green houses, huts, and of course the house itself. I really kicked myself when I discovered what was on the site, as had I eventually followed that faint whiff of curiosity that got me years prior, I may have seen the place in some kind of former glory. I have visited this site several times, and I know I am not alone. Every time I go, I see something different, the teeth being the prime example of this. From little info on this place, it would seem that the occupant was a dentist, with a range of hobbies including photography, gardening, and other random whims that are evidenced in the walls of the falling structure.

Each room is full of objects that elude to stories that point at a persons past. It is a really photogenic place, and on those merits alone, it was worth the trips. The 10 year old ice cream in an unplugged fridge just added to the character.

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At the time of writing this blog, ‘they’ had pulled down and flattened all the land on this site, except the house, which remains standing, possibly as some defiance against finding loopholes to pulling down old buildings. Really though, it needs pulling down, it is a danger to all who enter her, with floors and ceilings continually falling in on themselves.

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I will just say at this point, I never take artifacts from these sites, no matter how much they may be worth.blog 8


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