Introduction to the USA Series to Follow

Introduction to the USA Series to Follow

By means of an opening act, allow me firstly to explain my recent lack of interaction and blog updates, which has sparked questioning regarding the imagery which is now set to follow in due course. The expectancy was that there would be an instant uploading of imagery following my return from the USA. However I was out in Spain for 2 weeks after my return, and then the new academic year started, so teaching took over once again. That and sifting through almost 3000 images meant that I have spent most of my time of late simply choosing images to edit and present (obviously I am not keeping nor showing the full amount taken). So, down to business.




Over the summer, I embarked on what was not only a road trip of huge proportions, but also a long time dream I have had, to drive from the east coast of America right across to the west coast. The trip itself was part-planned, and part see-where-we-end-up. I had no intention of traveling straight across in a purely horizontal fashion, or as the crow flies. Rather I wanted to zig zag and take what was far from the quickest route across this huge expanse of a country. I could ramble on about how during the near 7000 mile trip what incredible landscapes were covered, people met and experiences gained, but rather I would rather share these things visually. My only company was my good friend Matt, an old Olympus 35mm film camera and my Canon 5D MK3. The digital colour imagery as well as the night imagery will follow, but I have decided to kick the updates off with black and white film imagery.



I started shooting on film when I was a college student just after the turn of the century and as such film photography is still something I embrace regularly. It seemed fitting and natural therefore to continue with this love of film within my travels to America. The imagery often shows light leaks, chemical marks and other ‘flaws’, all of which i think add a little character. The above image is one of only 2 pictures I shot of the hire car we had, and the image below was a double exposure indicative of the scenery and the vast quantities of miles covered that would often just merge together.






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