‘Onion Cottage’

‘Onion Cottage’

This was one of the more ‘special’ derelict explores i have done in recent times. there are some places that just get left behind when the occupant dies. I guess sometimes there is no one to carry on the family name, or perhaps no one wants the possessions that were left behind. In this case it seems unlikely that the latter would be the case. The stunning old photographs, dating right back to the 1940’s in some cases, were stacked, (and i means stacked, there were loads) in piles around the house, with other old items surrounding. it was only a small dwelling, but charming none the less. The story I had heard was that there were two brothers living in these two adjoining cottages. it would seem that perhaps one was married (hence the wedding dress) and the other was not. The wedding dress was a real shock, I didn’t expect to see something like that left behind.


It is weird to see so much left behind, and I couldn’t get away from the fact that these personal artifacts meant nothing to anyone after the occupants passed away. I drove past this place on a near on weekly basis and it’s looked in a sorry state or a very long time. This place has been under request for demolition and re-build for some time now, and upon my last visit, most of the items in the images you see here, had been taken out and burnt in a huge pile in the garden.


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