starting off

Revamping the website made me start to question how I was determining which images to showcase on my site. It became a question of aesthetic merit, could I really justify how one image was better than another, and if so how? As with most creatives I know, they go through phases, where the images they love, and hold in highest esteem, one day have less impact, and where magical, and previously hidden qualities of the discarded images, suddenly become apparent, and ask to be reconsidered. 

With this in mind, I revisited all my back catalog of images, to see what new gems emerged, and if the old ‘classics’ still hold true. For the most part, there were shots that were as compelling visually on a re-visit, as ever before. Ultimately, these are the ones that I used for my website.

Then the next issue arose. I shoot often, and don’t have the time to sit and reconfigure my website every time I get another ‘keeper’. Therefore, it was decided that a blog would be the best way to still use the shots that weren’t selected, but I still really liked. It is with all this in mind, and that I am always questioning what we do with images after we have taken them, as unlike in the old days, we don’t print everything, that this blog was born.

So essentially the aim of my blog is to showcase the work as it progresses, as well as showing images that didn’t make the ‘final cut’. Like the left overs from a Sunday dinner.I hope you enjoy viewing, as much as I did shooting…


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