The Lighthouse, Blues, and Car Park Creeps

The Lighthouse, Blues, and Car Park Creeps

It’s been on my to-do list for some time now, photographing this lighthouse by night. I loaded up the truck (which doubled up as my home for the trip’s duration) with a few clothes, and all the camera equipment I could possibly need, and headed to the coast, with this sole goal in mind.

As I begun to climb the hill towards the aim of my trip, the fog started to set in, I had hoped for a clear night, where the full moon would be visible. This stood to put a downer on the trip.


I napped in the truck waiting for the tourists and camera clubs to finish faffing around the light house, and leave. Before long it was just my truck and one other shady looking car that was parked by the toilets, left in the car park. The fog had lifted, and it was time to go shoot!


In the way I always do, I lost track of time, and before long a couple of hours had passed and I was still going strong. By now the fog was back, but I found it to be far more rewarding than the clear sky, giving a range of tones in the sky. The location certainly surpassed my expectations, but there was still a challenge…

This place gets photographed all the time, and by night is nothing out of the ordinary for this location. The challenge was too try and capture the lighthouse in its less ‘obvious’ surroundings, and show it from a different perspective.

By the time I was on my last few shots, near on 1 AM, the person living in the light house keeper’s house was casually playing the saxophone, and very well at that. It added a chilled ambience to a relaxing shoot, one of those moments where you breathe deep, and pause for a moment, taking it all in.


By the time I returned to my truck, there was a seedy looking guy hovering around the ‘toilet car’, and then pacing around the car park. This and the fact that the fog horn was going off every 20 seconds or so, meant this was not the best place for me to sleep, so I drove on in the thick fog, and parked down a side road. When I woke up, I was greeted by this view…



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