USA in Colour Pt2: Amboy, 29 Palms and Joshua Tree

USA in Colour Pt2: Amboy, 29 Palms and Joshua Tree

As I reached the ghost town (if you could call it a town) of Amboy, the sun was setting on the famous ‘Roys’ Diner. Sat aside two huge ‘Route 66’ signs painted on the road, this once popular diner displays elements of the towns history inside, as do many ‘attractions’ along Route 66. I was using this road merely to get from one place to the next, but I must admit I was sucked into the charm of this little tourist stop off. Amboy school which is long since closed, was the study place of less than 10 students, that shows the scale of the place. Walking around while the sun licked the roads and signs and turned them orange, it becomes easy to see the magic of the ‘Mother Road’. The following day I drove out from Twenty-Nine Palms where I had stayed the night, and headed into the Joshua Tree National Park. This place is truly breathtaking, the light, the colour, the roads are all very picturesque. there was so much I didn’t get to see, barely scratching the surface. However, seeing ‘Key View’ was incredible. The image I have included here really does not do it justice, but stood on its edge, you can see out as far as Mexico on a clear day. The vastness of the spectacle is humbling.







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