USA in Colour Pt3: Niland & The Salton Sea

USA in Colour Pt3: Niland & The Salton Sea

The California desert is full of colour, vibrancy and seemingly no end of interesting things to photograph. Niland is neighbours to The Salton Sea, a huge 30 odd mile lake which was once a thriving tourist hotspot tipped to be California’s version of the French Riviera. However epic floods and decaying fish (I’m abbreviating a very long but interesting story) drove¬† most people away. There are a few people still living there, but for the most part it is now a ghost town adorned with battered and trashed buildings and art deco static caravans. sadly vandalism is rife, and most of this once fascinating place is now ruined. I arrived just as the sun was setting, and it was beautiful to see everything creaking and bowing in the warm orange glow. I have not concentrated to much on the derelict side of this place, but rather have looked at the parts that for the most part are still inhabited. With all this sun and colour, it was easy to forget it was Christmas when I shot these.










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