USA In Colour Pt5: Slab City and Salvation Mountain

USA In Colour Pt5: Slab City and Salvation Mountain

Slab City, as mentioned in a previous black and white film upload, is a great little community in the California Desert. Alongside this eclectic location, is a place equally ‘out there’ called Salvation Mountain. This is the creation of a guy over several decades, whereby he built this incredible mountain in response to God. Religion aside, This man deserves the up most respect for his dedication to a sole pursuit of something he wanted to do, in an age when many would ridicule something so individual. It is hard not to feel moved by the sheer time, effort and commitment that something like this would take. Furthermore this marvel spills out into the grounds where the mountain sits, with all the old trucks, buses, cars and even a boat covered in incredible bright God-focused decor. This is a human example of the phrase ‘a labour of love’. The set finishes with a couple of images taken around the area upon exit.









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