USA In Colour Pt6: A Slice of ’66 And Beyond

USA In Colour Pt6: A Slice of ’66 And Beyond

The final leg of the road trip involved me heading north on and old part of fairly unaltered Route 66. There were small tourist-centered pieces at the side of the road, but this contrasts beautifully with the ‘real’ America on the opposing side of the road. This was the blue collar working man side of the road, big refineries and freight trains. From here I stopped at a number of small towns and gatherings of buildings before driving back into Nevada and returning the car in Vegas. There is nowhere that has the same colours as the California desert. The almost constant blue and yellow of sky against land were a continual inspiration to me photographically. I could have probably stopped just about anywhere on this road trip and been motivated to shoot what I saw. By the end of this set the change of weather is noticeable, as the skies beautiful deep blue weakens to grey as miles were covered.








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